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Print Posted on 22/06/2017 in Category 1

SAC Newsletter

SAC Newsletter

SAC Newsletter 

Spring 2017

Dear SAC member

Welcome to the third edition of the new Suffolk Association for Counselling (SAC) Newsletter.

If any SAC members would like to set up a blog or have articles for the newsletter then please contact Sharon on enquiries@suffolkassoccounselling.org

If you prefer not to receive the newsletter let us know using the email address above.

All the best


An opportunity for you

The SAC committee is constantly evolving and we are happy to offer two positions with lighter responsibilities. They are:
•Membership Co-ordinator - to oversee the joining and renewal processes, particularly welcoming new members.  
•Shadow Finance Co-ordinator - someone to shadow the role of the Finance Co-ordinator for a year ahead of taking on this shared role in the future.
If you are interested in either of the above please contact Sharon on enquiries@suffolkassoccounselling.org  
and she will pass your details and any queries on to the Chair.

All aboard for the AGM ...

Members are invited warmly to join us at SAC's Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 22 June at the Holiday Inn in Ipswich.

The evening will consist of:

5.30pm - networking opportunities

5.50pm - the AGM itself in which we’ll offer feedback on the results of the Annual Membership Survey and outline some exciting changes ahead, with the presentation Going Forward: Digital SAC.

6.50pm - break for refreshments

7.00pm to 9.00pm - free CPD session on radicalisation and modern-day slavery by much sought-after speaker, Bal Howard.

“This year’s AGM is set to be an exciting event,” said outgoing Chair of SAC, Robina Scott. “Not only will members have a chance to meet the new Chair, but we’ll also be announcing a series of changes that we believe will modernise our services and deliver significant benefits for our members.

"We’re especially hoping that new members will join us at 5.30pm so we can say hello in person, introduce them to other members and answer any questions they may have."

The event is free of charge and open to members and non-members alike.

Congratulations …

… go to Linda Baxter, Finance Co-ordinator, who has been elected as Deputy Mayor of Stowmarket.

Use of SAC Logo

Current full members of SAC may use the SAC logo on their own literature and web material.  On leaving the SAC they should remove the logo.

Reminder about who can join SAC

Directory Entry Criteria:

All Directory Entry applicants must meet the Practitioner Criteria:

•   Proof of current Professional Indemnity Insurance. (We require a copy of a current certificate of insurance for our records. This can be emailed but if posted please do not send originals as we cannot return these.)

•   Proof of current membership of a Professional Counselling/Therapy Body.

•   Engagement in supervision as per the guidelines of their professional body

Then A or B

A  Current membership on the Professional Standards Authority Accreditation Register – supply registration number and professional body through which accreditation has been gained and state which title they are entitled to use (eg MBACP).

B  Have advanced beyond ‘student’ status and be regarded as eligible to practise by a member of a Professional Standards Authority recognised professional body for Counsellors or Therapists. Responsibility of knowing whether they are regarded as eligible to practise rests with the applicant and they must provide documentary proof of this on first application (eg certificates) and state which title they are entitled to use (eg UKCP trainee therapist).

Having a mental illness does not define who you are

My Mad Fat diary’ author Rae Earl’s new book uses silliness to explore serious issues by Katie Grant

If Rae Earl could give her younger self one piece of advice it would be ‘Go and tell someone; go and talk to your doctor.  It’s fine, they’ve heard it all before, they’ve heard far, far worse.  You absolutely deserve to get the best treatment possible’.

Today, as Children’s Mental Health Week 2017 draws to a close, such advice is particularly pertinent.  Earl, 45, is best known for her comic memoir, My Mad Fat Diary, which details her experiences as a teenager stricken by extreme anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder.  First published in 2007, the book was adapted into a hit series for TV.  She now lives in Hobart, Tasmania, with her husband, Kevin, and their seven-year-old son, Harry.  Home may now be far away but Britain’s mental health services and the mental wellbeing of the young remain at the forefront of her mind.

Her forthcoming book, #Help: My Cat’s a Vlogging Superstar!, is so decidedly silly, one could be forgiven for assuming it couldn’t possibly tackle such weighty issues as children’s mental health, bullying or staying safe online.  It tells the story of Millie, a pupil so sensible that everyone relies on her advice - her friends, her family, even her cat.  Millie, Earl says, is ‘basically me’ aged 12: ‘I was always the sensible one, the sort of wise person who gave advice, but obviously inside, as is now well-known, there was much more going on’.

She’s deadly serious when it comes to discussing the UK’s mental health provision.  ‘There is obviously a funding issue for serious mental health issues and has been for a long time’, she says.  ‘It’s vital to do more to bolster young people’s mental wellbeing in order to stave off problems, or to help them cope better when they arise.

‘There’s too much pressure in the education system, there’s too many tests too early.  We’ve got a lot of things wrong.’  People still don’t value their mental health as much as their physical health, nor do they understand how crucial it is to help children protect their own mental health, Earl warns.  ‘If we taught people how to look after their heads, we’d have a far better, healthier, functioning society’.

The message Earl hopes young readers will take away from #Help … is that anybody who has had to learn to manage and live with a mental illness is far stronger than they might image.  She is also adamant that people who experience mental health problems are much more than just their illness.  ‘If you’re diagnosed with something it doesn’t define you.  It’s something that you have.  It’s not you:  it’s an illness.  We have to be careful when we label ourselves as things that we don’t forget in essence who we are’.

What defines Rae Earl then?  ‘I am Rae.  I do have obsessive compulsive disorder – it’s under control, but it’s there.  But that’s not the thing that mainly denotes me’.

Source: I Weekend - 12.2.17

M&S is launching cafes where people can chat about mental health

Whether you have a mental illness or are just feeling a little stressed, you should be talking about mental health. Because it’s just as important as physical health.  It’s powerful to talk about how you’re feeling, to ask for support when you’re going through something tough. 

But it can be hard to reach out, be brave, and admit that you’re not okay.  Marks & Spencer’s new initiative is an attempt to make that a little easier.  In partnership with author, comedian, and mental health awareness campaigner Ruby Wax, M&S have launched a new fortnightly event called Frazzled Cafe.

Essentially, these will be fortnightly sessions held after hours at M&S cafes, where people who are feeling stressed and down can meet up to chat about what’s happening in their life and in their mind in a safe, anonymous, and non-judgmental environment.  They’re not supposed to be a replacement for therapy or medication, but a free, accessible way for anyone who needs to talk about mental health to do so.

Each session will be led by volunteer facilitators to keep the chats running smoothly.  The point of the cafes?  To provide spaces where it’s okay to admit that you’re not okay.

They’re not for profit, and the Frazzled Cafe will soon be a registered charity.  To start with, 11 M&S stores will be hosting Frazzled Cafe meetings over the next few months, with locations in London, Brighton, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Cambridge, Nottingham, Leeds, Newcastle, Canterbury, and Norwich.  M&S will be adding new locations throughout the year.

We live in a time where to have a life crammed to the hilt is considered a success story,’ said Ruby Wax. ‘But with all this pressure, so many of us have nowhere to go to meet and talk about it.  ‘Frazzled Cafe is about people coming together to share their stories, calmly sitting together, stating their case and feeling validated as a result.

Source: www.metro.co.uk - 15.3.17

A BACP Article:

Scams - a guide for counsellors 

We have been receiving reports from members of some fraudulent schemes directly targeting counsellors, including scams involving bogus clients and fake cheques.

While scams are nothing new, technology has made it easier for criminals to target you and your business. If you advertise your services on your own website, on an online directory or on social media, then your contact details are available to criminals as well as potential clients or employers. Some scammers focus on specific professionals such as counsellors, carrying out detailed background research in order to appear more credible.

Take a look at our guide ‘Scams: A Guide for Counsellors’, which was published last year, to help you recognise and avoid scams.

Source: www.bacp.org.uk 11.4.17

UK organisations unite against Conversion Therapy
Memorandum of Understanding Statement is published
Major UK organisations have been working against Conversion Therapy for a number of years, publishing a Memorandum of Understanding against the practice (2015) and updating the document to warn against conversion therapy in relation to gender identity and sexual orientation (including asexuality).
Aware of concerns regarding the future of Conversion Therapy in the USA, and pleased that Malta has banned the practice and that Taiwan has drafted legislation to ban the practice, we are publicising the following statement in solidarity with like- minded healthcare organisations in the USA.
“We the undersigned UK organisations wish to state that the practice of conversion therapy has no place in the modern world.  It is unethical and harmful and not supported by evidence.
Conversion Therapy is the term for therapy that assumes certain sexual orientations or gender identities are inferior to others, and seeks to change or suppress them on that basis.
Sexual orientations and gender identities are not mental health disorders, although exclusion, stigma and prejudice may precipitate mental health issues for any person subjected to these abuses. Anyone accessing therapeutic help should be able to do so without fear of judgement or the threat of being pressured to change a fundamental aspect of who they are.”
Source: www.cosrt.org.uk - Joanna Coker, 16.1.17

SANE ambassador Rachel Kelly launches new recipe book with mental health in mind

SANE’s celebrity ambassador Rachel Kelly has launched a new book about the links between nutrition and mental health.  The Happy Kitchen: Good Mood Food is the product of a five year long collaboration with nutritional therapist Alice Mackintosh, and features an incredible collection of recipes designed to promote good mental health.

Rachel Kelly has worked closely with SANE to campaign about mental illness and the stigma associated with it since 2013. In 2014, she published Black Rainbow, a poignant first person account describing how poetry helped her overcome depression.

Her new book provides valuable insight and practical advice on how to keep the blues at bay by eating well, with bite-size sections on the science behind essential ingredients in her recipes. Each chapter focuses on a unique aspect of self-care, from boosting energy to recipes that help bring about better sleep.

Rachel says: “Nearly a decade ago, I began to notice how much food affected my mood. I started noting which foods made me feel calm, which helped me sleep, and which cheered me up.

"This book is an invitation to feed our demanding grey matter as best we can. It's one way we can help ourselves, without recourse to medication: we can choose what we eat and cook. For me taking responsibility for my mental health in this way was a step on the road to recovery as well as being great fun."

SANE is running a giveaway competition on Twitter to celebrate the launch of Rachel’s new book. We will be giving out two copies every weekday for the next two weeks; check our Twitter page regularly to find out how you can win.

Source: www.sane.org.uk - 13.1.17

Mind’s President, Stephen Fry, opens up for Heads Together
Mind’s president Stephen Fry has today released a film of him opening up to his therapist about the pressures of his mental health, as part of the Heads Together campaign.
The latest film has been published on the Heads Together YouTube page and website alongside the first set in the series, which feature a range of people including familiar faces such as Mind ambassadors Ruby Wax and Alastair Campbell, as well as Stephen Manderson (Professor Green) and cricketer Freddie Flintoff. More films will be released in the run up to the 2017 Virgin Money London Marathon, for which Heads Together is the Official Charity of the Year.
The film series released by Heads Together, the campaign spearheaded by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, features people from all walks of life talking about the life changing conversations that helped them cope with their mental health problems.
Stephen Fry talks with his psychiatrist Bill on a bench in St James’s Park about his mental health breaking down and how talking openly helped him heal, and continues to help him manage his mental health. The film was directed by Simon Amstell, who has talked and written about his own mental health problems.
The films comes at a time when research from Time to Change, which Mind runs in partnership with Rethink Mental Illness, shows that mental health just isn’t on the radar for many men. Launching their five year ‘In your corner’ campaign, Time to Change is now urging men to be in their mate’s corner when it comes to mental health and recognise how their attitudes and behaviour can make all the difference. To reach men, Time to Change have launched a short, high-impact film featuring three heroic ‘corner men’; regular guys who are in a mate’s corner when he really needs them.
Alongside the films, Heads Together has also released a new YouGov poll showing the following differences between men and women when it comes to opening up about mental health:
•42% of men have had a conversation about mental health in the previous three months compared to 58% of women
•29% of men think it is likely they will expect to talk about their mental health in the next six months compared to 37% of women
•83% of both men and women find conversations about mental health helpful
•43% of women compared with 27% of men stated strong emotions on the day of a recent conversation about mental health impacted their decision to start that conversation
•48% of women versus 36% of men cited that being ‘particularly comfortable around the person’ on the day of a recent conversation about mental health impacted their decision to start that conversation
•54% of men who think they will have a conversation about their mental health in the next six months said they are likely to choose a member of their family to have that conversation with, compared with 71% of women.
Source: www.mind.org.uk - 12.4.17

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