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Equal Opportunities

Equal Opportunities Policy

SAC’s Statement on Equal Opportunities 2015
SAC is committed to implementing and promoting equal opportunities in its activities, services and practice. It realises that discrimination exists in society (whether protected by law or not), and believes that this prevents potential and ability from being realised in young people and others.
SAC will not tolerate discrimination on the basis of:
• Race
• Colour
• Gender
• Sexual orientation or identity
• Ethnic or national origin
• Disability
• Partnership status or home responsibility
• HIV or AIDS status
• Age
• Political belief
• Religious belief
• Socio-economic background
• Refugee or asylum seeker status
As a voluntary membership body, SAC accepts the responsibility to promote equal opportunities and challenge discrimination wherever it occurs. This document sets out the main consequences of this commitment and the action to be taken in order to achieve equal opportunities.
SAC realises that a genuine commitment to equal opportunities must operate on all levels including in:
• Provision of hard copy of information produced or distributed to SAC members on request for those who do not have or use computer / internet.
• Provision of large print copy of the above on request.
• Provision of audio copy of the above on request.
• Fair and equal application of rules of membership to all members
• Provision of accessible facilities for CPD events.
• Information to the public via the website and hard copy Directory, of accessible counselling provision.
• SAC will seek to prevent discrimination and ensure equal representation in the services it provides, the structures that it facilitates and the practice through which it carries out its work.
1.1. The committee of SAC has overall responsibility for the effective operation of this policy. However, all members and service users have a duty as part of their involvement with SAC to do everything they can to ensure that the policy works in practice.
1.2. SAC will bring to the attention of all members and service users the existence of this policy.
1.3. If any service user or member feels that they have been, or are being discriminated against, in any way, they are entitled to pursue the matter with the committee.
1.4. All instances or complaints of discriminatory behaviour will be treated seriously.
1.5. Complaints or allegations of an unfounded or malicious nature will also be treated as serious.
1.6. Complaints brought against individual or practice members of SAC should be pursued through the complaints procedure of that individual or practice’s professional body e.g. BACP, UKCP etc. SAC reserves the right to remove from membership of SAC those who have been ruled against by their professional body since it is a condition of membership that members be current members of a professional body and have up-to-date insurance.
Disabled Access
1.7. SAC will endeavour to ensure, as far as is practicable, that all the premises it uses have disabled access. When considering new premises, every effort will be made to ensure such premises are fully accessible.
Use of Language
1.8. Members and service users should avoid and challenge the use of language which, in any way, belittles anyone
1.9. All materials used or developed by SAC will be judged in the light of the promotion of equal opportunities, and those considered to be discriminatory will not be used.
Sexual Harassment
1.10. No member or service user should be subject to sexual harassment.
1.11. This is interpreted as unwanted behaviour of a sexual nature including:
• verbal sexual abuse
• physical contact
• repeated remarks which an individual finds offensive
1.12. If it has been made clear to the person concerned that their behaviour is unwelcome and they persist with it, then the service user or volunteer who is the recipient of the behaviour will be entitled to make a formal complaint.
Monitoring and Review
This Policy will be constantly reviewed by the SAC committee to ensure that no Member of the association is put to a disadvantage either, directly or indirectly. This monitoring will apply to the practices of committee and members, the composition of the Committees and the provision of services.
It is the responsibility of every individual to eliminate discrimination and to ensure the practical application of this Policy.
The committee of SAC will review this policy every 3 years.
Adopted on: 15.4.15
Review Date: April 2018